As a member of Stylist Excel, you will get the benefit of a step by step process for creating your Sisterlocks® business up to certification and beyond!

Membership includes, but is not limited to

  • How to finish your mannequin

  • How to build your business for sustainability

  • How to get your qualifying clients within 90 days

  • Access to video library and other resources

  • Bi-weekly live zoom Q and A

Here are some of the results of the Stylist Excel Membership

  • Sisterlocks™ system

    Complete an actual client using the Sisterlocks™ system; Attain “Approved Trainee” Status on

  • Master the following skills

    Consultation, Hair Analysis, Sectioning, Tool Usage, Repairs, Grooming, Customer Service;

  • Master retightening

    Master retightening to within 4hrs or less; Customer management skills; Sisterlocks™ Certification; Business building /Quitting your day job

  • Real world situations

    Apply the skills taught in class to real world situations, starting with the completion of a mannequin head using the sisterlocks system

Instructor Bio:

Roselee Mathu is the CEO of Roselee’s Natural Hair Care Co. and the Director of Stylist Excel Academy. She is also a Master Trainer for the Sisterlocks® Natural Hair Management system and has helped launch countless successful Sisterlocks® businesses over the past 12 years. Roselee is systematic and patient in her teaching style, and is passionate about helping women discover their true God-given gifts through the creation of a sustainable business.

Francina Describes Her Experience Mentoring With Stylist Excel’s Roselee Mathu


“I learned so much from working with Roselee. She is consistent with her work, passionate about her craft and teaching others and supportive to all trainees/employees. Not only that Roselee possesses those qualities but she helps instill them in others as well. As a mentee, I learned how to care for my clients locks and keep them healthy. What I benefited from the most was increasing my speed by cutting my retightening time in half while maintaining quality work. I became certified six months after taking the sisterlocks class and was fortunate to have worked for Roselee for three years. Overall, she's a very knowledgeable trainer and supportive mentor. Wonderful individual to work with in an energetic, positive and professional environment.” 

~Pauline Walker, Licensed Master Cosmetologist  and a Sisterlocks Consultant

We met through a mutual friend (Amba), who was Roselee’s client at the time. Her strengths are coaching, educating, discipline, patience, kindheartedness, decision making skills and many more. I benefited a lot from being mentored by Roselee. She taught me so much more beyond sharpening the skills I had just acquired. Her dedication to ensuring I learned and grew properly in the Sisterlocks industry was phenomenal and priceless. All the tools she shared, her experience she was willing to expose me to behind and beyond the chair are practices that have encouraged me to grow and be where I am today. We worked together actively for about 2.5 - 3 years Yes. I am Certified. I have been a Certified Sisterlocks consultant for almost 9 years It took about 6 months to get certified.

~Bella Roberts, Owner, Loc'd and Free Natural Hair Salon, Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Sisterlocks Brand Ambassador, Natural Hair Stylist, Hair Loss Practitioner and Certified Trichologist

I met Roselee in December 2017 as she was 1 of 2 amazing trainers for the 4-day Sisterlocks training course.  Roselee is professional, personable, and has a bubbly personality. She is also very caring and patient. I recently began an internship with her 3 months ago and I have benefited in learning how to increase my speed, adjust my prices, and establish Sisterlocks™ better. I have completed two establishments since interning with her and my skill level as well as time has significantly improved.  I’m currently in the process of getting certified as I have completed all 3 required heads.  Hopefully, once the client follow ups are done I will be certified by June2019. Thank you Roselee for your kind heart and caring spirit! Selena Hobbs.

~Seleana Hobbs, Sisterlocks Practitioner 

"Roselee is the definition of professionalism. I've been working with Roselee since around 2014. My school, Empire, referred me to her to work as an assistant. Now I'm renting 2 suites from her and run my own business using the tools shes given me through the years. Roselee is one of a kind, she allows you to pick her brain, watch her work and gives constructive criticism, emphasis on the constructive part. I wish more students coming out of beauty school experienced the type of mentor I was so blessed to have. Someone fair, honest and patient, part of my success is due to her showing me the way."

~Elle B.